Certificates for compliance with security requirements in electronic market communications

Due to the determination of the Federal Network Agency on the interim model of 20 December 2016, all EDIFACT file transfers for electronic market communication via S/MIME have to be encrypted and signed since 1 June 2017. The rules to be complied with for this purpose are laid down in the EDI@Energy "Rules on the transmission path".

Certificates newly issued since 1 January 2019 must be signed using the new RSASSA-PSS procedure. The previous procedures sha256-RSA and sha512-RSA are no longer approved for use in electronic market communication for certificates newly issued after this date. Existing certificates that were issued until 31 December 2018 and meet the other requirements of the EDI@Energy "Regulations on Transmission Routes" do not need to be exchanged and can continue to be used within their maximum three-year validity period.

We provide you with certificates that are issued with the signature Hashalgorithmus RSASSA-PSS according to the edi@energy regulations for the transmission path. This certificate protects your market communication optimally and according to the specifications of the Federal Network Agency. Each certificate secures one e-mail address (e.g. edifact@marktpartner.de).

Our certificates are created and managed in the secure environment of the ATOS trust center. The certificates enable you to digitally sign, encrypt and decrypt your messages.

You will receive the certificates with terms of 12, 24 or 36 months. Information on application and download can be found in our document on the awarding process.


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