BDEW Codenumbers

The BDEW code number is the market partner identification number (MP-ID) for the German electricity market according to the general provisions of EDI@Energy. With the BDEW code number, each market participant and their respective role in the market can be uniquely identified.

Instead of a BDEW code number, the market participant can also apply for a GLN (Global Location Number) from GS1 (Global Standards One) Germany and identify themselves with this GLN. If a market participant identifies themselves via GLN, they must also register it in the BDEW code number database.

A BDEW code number may only be used for the German electricity market and must be unique for each role of the market participant.

For the German gas market, the DVGW e.V. issues the corresponding DVGW code number.

Only these registered MP-IDs may be used by the market participants.

You can now download the allocation certificates for your Market Partner ID (BDEW code number) in accordance with the Certificate Policy of the Smart Metering PKI of the BSI. A brief guide can be found hier.


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