The grid location connects one or more market locations to the grid via exactly one line, regardless of the direction of energy flow. This can then be referenced, e.g. as part of the "digital grid connection" as a starting point for grid operator specifications for the power curve at the grid connection or for the billing of reactive work. A new code number type (in short: NeLo-ID) will be introduced in the German energy market to identify the "grid location" object in accordance with the BNetzA specification BK6-22-128. The regulations relate to the electricity sector. The identification number (ID) is issued centrally to the electricity network operator and assigned to a network location decentrally by the code owner.

The network operator is responsible for assigning the NeLo-ID to a network location. The ID for a network location is only assigned if this network location is relevant for market communication. Changing the NeLo ID is not permitted as long as the network location exists. Even in the event of a change of network operator, the NeLo ID remains unchanged.


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