Resource ID

In the course of the amendment to the Grid Expansion Acceleration Act (NABEG 2.0), the regulations on the feed-in management of RE and CHP systems in the EEG and KWKG were repealed on October 1, 2021 and converted into a uniform redispatch regime (Redispatch 2.0) according to Sections 13, 13a, 14 EnWG convicted. This means that RE systems and CHP systems from 100 kW as well as systems that can be remotely controlled at any time by a network operator are included in the redispatch process.

With these regulations there is a requirement to clearly identify technical resources (TR), controllable resources (SR), control groups (SG) and cluster resources (CR). These identifiers are assigned centrally in accordance with the training regulation and assigned by the access network operator. Further information on the introduction of the identifiers is described in the BDEW introduction scenario.


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